Network Access Contol
Major Functions

Network Access Control
- Control NIC and AP
- Traffic Monitoring
- PC Integrity (Malicious S/W, Anti virus)

IP Address Management
- IPAM, DHCP server
- IP/MAC management
- OS detection
- Switch Port Control
- Layer2 control

Asset Management
- S/W usage status
- H/W usage status
- Remote control

- Fail-over (HA)
- Syslog SNMP Trap
- Backup

- Dashboard
- IP/MAC history

Required/Malignant S/W Management

- According to administrator’s setting, IPScan NAC can check the installed and running status of Mandatory / Malware software.
- If the software installed/running status is detected by Mandatory / Malware S/W Policy, the network of PC will be blocked.

Detouring Communication Path Prevention

- IPScan can detect and block the end-point device who violated internal network policy and attempted to use detouring communication.
- IF detouring communication attempt is detected, the user’s network will be blocked.

Windows Security Setting Inspection
Real-time Network Usage Status
Real-time Status
- Real-time IP usage graph GUI
- General IP conflict event monitoring
Warning/Block Status
- Warning Status: shows the status of hosts violated warning   policy.
- Block Status: shows the status of hosts violated block policy.
Setting/Exception Status
- Setting Status: shows the status of hosts applied specified   policy on.
- Exception Status: shows the status of hosts under Network   Block Exception policy.
General/Assets Status
- General Status: shows the status of authorized/unauthorized   hosts, host type and unused hosts.
- Asset Status: shows the status of IP asset and host OS in each   IP range.