Network Access Contol
Maximize network security and IT operational efficiency
Visibility. Control. Response.
Secure your network without changing it
IPScan NAC provides all the major features that network managers expect, such as Network Access Control(NAC), IP Address Management(IPAM), Desktop Configuration Management, and complete security controls over Wi-Fi access, automated IT security operations, IT asset management, and much more.
Major Functions
Product Composition
  Hardware Customizing Policy Server(H/W)
Component IP Detection Device / NAC Sensor Web-IP Application & Authorization Integrate with customer's DB IPScan NAC Policy Server
Model Probe 600~1000 Series Probe 100~200 Series API Module NAC 1000 ~ 10000
Image -
Function - Policy execution device
- Receive all commands
- Agent Checking
- Block Agent not installed.
- Web IP Application
- Unauthorized IP Authentication
- Interworking with external DB
- IPScan NAC Server
- Required SW, malicious SW detection
- Event log storage and retrieval function
- IP Management System Integrated Management
Customer Reviews
"Awesome experience, a 100% recommended"- Account Analyst, Communications Industry
Sustainable and powerful performance. Def. easy to learn and use. I Love it!!!!
"Eazzzzy, Easy!"- IT Administrator, Finance Industry
I'm using Viascope product since last year, and it's really easy to use and the deployment was so quick!
I picked Agentless so no need to think of Switch interoperability. You should try this Agentless NAC
"Perfect security solution by Viascope"- IT administrator, Finance industry
We have many branches to control, used to be a burden, but not anymore.
This product is such an easy to deploy and a very good match with company like us with many offices throughout the country.
"Thanks to Viascope."- IT Manager, O-University
When we considered having a new network security system, we couldn't help but worrying our "too flaky network users' status".
IPScan solved the problem easily coz it's made for this big manufacturing company has many workers come and go.
Smoothly worked no matter how many PC users bring their own mobiles and how often temporary staff changed.
"IPScan- All you need "- CTO, IT Industry
Not to exaggerate, it absolutely gave us a comfort, convenience and a surprise.
Out of band configuration is the key of this convenient deployment.
Deploy IPScan, without Network interruption.
If you have unfortunate errors on the appliance, your network is still secure NO HARM.
"In short, if you want to get over with your Agent-based solution, check this out"- Assistant Manager, Service Company
IPScan NAC provides agentless software and you can basically do Network Access Control.
If you want to see and control your network users and connected devices (real time monitoring), just get the IPScan NAC and try it with joy.
"Many list of functions and cool GUI"- IT manager, Manufacturer
I use this product mainly for monitoring devices types and their status.
From one of its function, I immediately control unregistered devices so that I can prepare any network incidents in real time.
I can have many information from their Dashboard and the design is cool and eye-catching.
"Helpful and has a good visibility"- Manager, Communication Industry
This is a good tool to tackle any types of your network security if you're an IT staff.
Informative and productive data you can see thru your monitor.
Security checklists you can setup on your own. Gotta try this, I'm serious.
"Beyond Network Access Control"- IT Specialist, Miscellaneous Industry
It's more than nac. You can use IPAM function.
Static IP address or DHCP IP address it ain't matter. You can use overall IP management with NAC here.
Additionally, this has Switch port control function using SNMP.
"no 802.1x. I will go without it"- Network manager, IT Company
I like NAC of viascope because it offers not only 802.1x based technology but something else, simpler.
You can just deploy this without complicate configurations.