ViaScope Inc.
Ceaselessly challenging ourselves toward perfection.
About ViaScope
Over the past 20years,
ViaScope has devoted countless effort
towards the development of core IT
technologies and market expansion.
President Chan Woo Kim

From the foundation of ViaScope in 1999, we have continuously pioneered core technologies in network traffic solutions including network access control, traffic monitoring and IP address management.
With our advanced IP address management engineering experience and knowledge, we have presented our flagship product, IPScan solution, which is the existing commercial standard.

We recognize the innovation of technology as our significant duty as we take a lead role in the world market As a response ViaScope is continuing to innovate and develop new and already existing technology to conform.
we are working to achieve our duty of innovation that includes, but is not limited to the client's greatest satisfaction, which we believe is the truest form of the innovation that ViaScope pursue.

Successful acquisition of over 5,000 customers worldwide
ViaScope strives to provide the highest level of technology for satisfaction of customers.
We have established 20 strategic alliances in 20 countries for more convenient and reliable service.

Customer value creation
We believe our clients' success is our own.
We put our clients as well as their needs and requirements on priority.
Any requirements or system upgrades are to be reflected immediately to reduce difficulties.

Create the future beyond the limit
ViaScope accept challenges as a chance to grow further.
ViaScope's slogan, 'Create the Future, Beyond the Limit' reflects the spirituality of ViaScope - continuously push the limits of boundaries.
ViaScope will enthusiastically pursue an enterprising future by putting our best effort on research and development.