IPScan XE Integrated DHCP & IP Address Management Solutions
Providing Superior Layer 2 Network Access Control
IPScan XE is a high-performance solution, a must-have for network administrators who want to manage end-point communications.
It is also an agentless network access control solution that
provides network administrators with essential tools,
including IP address management.
Features & Function
An all-in-one solution, IPScan XE offers Features & Functions such as strict blocking, outstanding IP/MAC address management, network device management and built-in DHCP servers, perfect for every network environment. Our superior Express Edition DHCP server outperforms its competitors and facilitates easy network configuration and management. It not only performs faster IP allocation, but also offers IP allocation reports, helping you build the optimal DHCP environment.
Network-wide, real-time detection and monitoring of all IP/MAC addresses Distributed IPScan probes automatically detect all IP/MAC devices on the network, which are brochured into a centralized server database for policy definition and enforcement.IPScan goes beyond traditional DHCP address services by providing full visibility and management of both DHCP and static IP addressed devices. Centralized IP/MAC network access and address usage policy definition Once devices are detected and stored in the central database, network managers can define global address and access policies, including specific combinations of MAC addresses, IP addresses and even hostnames to authorize devices to be connected to the network. All unassigned addresses, whether managed statically or via DHCP, can be marked as unauthorized by default. Once policies are defined, they are downloaded to the distributed probes. Automatic enforcement and blocking of unauthorized devices and addresses IPScan probes can enforce policies by automatically blocking unauthorized devices that have unrecognized, changed, or unauthorized addresses and/or hostnames. In addition, administrators can block access in real-time to a particular device from the administrative console.
Time Based Policy Controls IP/MAC access policies can be specified on a time of day, day of week or date basis. Access can also be defined for a specific time and duration. Event detection and audit-trail logging All IP/MAC address-related events such as attempted IP address changes, IP address conflicts, and new MAC or IP addresses, are detected and logged in real-time to the central database to establish a complete audit-trail. Extensive Department and Group Definition Capabilities Administrators can flexibly create groups and categorize IP users into physical and logical groups for comprehensive management. Interactive or expired IP/MAC address control IP/MAC addresses that have been inactive for a predefined period of time can be automatically blocked until users re-establish authorization credentials on the network.