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Ceaselessly challenging ourselves toward perfection
About ViaScope
Viascope korea ipscan smartip

Over the past 15 years,
ViaScope has devoted a lot of effort toward the development of core IT technologies and market expansion.

Since its foundation in 1999, ViaScope has continuously pioneered core technologies in network solutions including access control, traffic monitoring, IP asset management and DHCP servers.
Developed and engineered with experience and knowledge accumulated over the past 15 years, our flagship product, IPScan solution, is the worldwide de facto standard in its industry.

Over the years, as we recognize that the increasing importance of technical innovation is due in part to the globalization of markets, ViaScope has continued developing and innovating core technologies, striving to meet our clients’ needs. As a market leader, we believe that inspirations based on our customer’s greatest needs are the truest forms of innovation that we can pursue.

Successfully acquired over 3,000 worldwide customers

ViaScope strives for the highest levels of technology with over 3,000 satisfied customers worldwide and has established 20 strategic alliances in 20 countries for aggressive and promising marketing activities.

Customer Value creation

We value our customers. Their success is our own success.
That is why we listen very closely to our customers' needs and requirements. Their requirements are reflected in our product development and immediate upgrades to ensure customer satisfaction.

Create the Future, Beyond the Limit.

We value innovation and challenge the status quo. ViaScope's slogan, 'Create the Future, Beyond the Limit' reflects the spirit of ViaScope – continuously advances the limits of technology. By concentrating on research and development, ViaScope will pursue an enterprising future.

Viascope korea ipscan smartip