IP/MAC Management & Network Security
IPScanXE SmartIP Overview Major Functions Specifications
Integrated All-In-One Solution
An all-in-one hardware integrated solution will reduce your initial investment by offering a multi-functional solution at low cost, as well as streamlined installations, minimizing a manager's workload.
Automating routine workloads of manual IP address administration using a light-weight, versatile and powerful SmartIP will dramatically enhance your efficiency.
Based on configured policies, Viascope SmartIP 2000 and SmartIP 500 can prevent unexpected network downtime caused by IP conflicts and outside attackers that have gained connectivity to a switch device or a Wi-Fi access point (in bridge mode)
ViaScope SmartIP is network access control solution which automatically prevents access from unauthorized devices and protects against the risks of network faults from unauthorized users with an integrated management policy.
  • SmartIP 500 BI
  • SmartIP 500 is All-in-one solution that integrates IPAM,

    Agentless Network Access Control and DHCP server.

  • SmartIP 500 is a network access control solution which prevents unexpected network downtime caused by IP conflicts and protects the network from unauthorized devices automatically with pre-defined access policies.
  • SmartIP 500 하드웨어 사진
  • SmartIP 500 네트워크 다이어그램
  • SmartIP 2000 BI
  • Multi-function solution that satisfies reliability,

    scalability and security requirements

  • SmartIP 2000 is All-in-one solution that integrates Server, DBMS, DHCP server and Probe in a single device.
  • SmartIP 2000 ensures the network security and it provides a total view of IP resources distributed in the network with the comprehensive and easy to use WEB based user’s interface. SmartIP 2000’s built-in Probe and DB server enable IT managers to collect, manage and control any IP devices in the network with just a few mouse clicks.
  • SmartIP 2000 하드웨어 사진
  • All-in-One Integrated Solution

    - Reliability & Redundancy -

  • Network Diagram

Major Functions
IP/MAC Management
Automatic collection of IP/MAC status in real-time
Real-time alerts on important events for IT managers to take prompt actions
Multiple IP/MAC assignment for devices
IP protection on mission critical devices to prevent IP conflict and control any unauthorized IP changes
Provides various IP/MAC based policies such as access time control
Agentless Network Access Control
Real-time IP/MAC authentication
Real-time blocking and IP conflict monitoring
Control BYOD’s (Bring Your Own Device) network connection
Control network access by matching NetBIOS name
Various user authentication methods to control network access
Block Out-of-range IP addresses
Block devices violating broadcast threshold policy
Manage group level network access policy
Integrated DHCP server
Built-in high-performance DHCP server
Manage both static and DHCP IP environments
Manage authorized and unauthorized DHCP IP ranges
Reliability & Redundancy
Server redundancy
Database redundancy (data synchronization)
DHCP server redundancy
Port redundancy
Easy Installation & Management
Provide WEB based user’s interface
Safe Mode function for administrators
Automatic backup and recovery of existing policies
Create additional data fields and import & export data
Specific data search and filtering function

ViaScope SmartIP Expected Effects (ROI)

Protection from IP conflicts
Centralized Control Management
Realization of an Automatic System through an IP-Based Network
Removal of Risks through Strengthened Network Security
Secured Network with SmartIP
Various Authorization Policies to Granting Access to Visitors and Existing Users (ViaScope SmartIP 2000 Only)
Protecting Major Devices from IP Conflict
Organic Network Management through Extension Module by Class
Convenient Policy Configuration by the Introduction of a Web Based User Interface (Console)
  SmartIP 2000 SmartIP 500
CPU Intel Core2Duo 2.8Ghz Cortex-A9 Quad Core 1.4GHz
OS Linux Linux
Memory 4GB (2GB X 2) DDR3 RAM 1GBytes DDR2 Memory
Flash/HDD 500GB 8GBytes T-Flash
Interface 4 x RJ-45 (10/100/1000Mbps)
Dual USB 2.0
1 x RJ-45 (10/100/1000Mbps)
1 x RS-232 (DB-9) Console Port
Size (mm) 438(W) x 292(D) x 44(H) mm 170(W) x 44(H) x 183(D) mm
Weight 5.2Kg 1Kg
Operating Environment Temperature : 5℃~40℃,  Humidity : 20%~90% Temperature : 0℃~40℃,  Humidity : 0%~90%
Inout Voltage AC100V~240V, 50~60Hz AC100V~240V, 50~60Hz
Power 200W 10W
Trunk Protocol IEEE802.1q
FlatNetwork & Multi-VLAN Support
FlatNetwork & Multi-VLAN Support
DHCP Server Embedded Embedded
Database MariaDB MariaDB
Redundancy Support Yes Yes
※ Above H/W Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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