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ViaScope @ RSA Conference 2015 in April
ViaScope will display products that will help you to better manage your IP infrastructure and to enhance the network security without any changes. For more information on our products and the conference, please contact us. ...
2 Apr 2015 / Notice
Attend the InfoSecurity 2013 HK (DataWorld Computer & Communication Limited)
Activities & Events. The 14th InfoSecurity Conference 2013 (DataWorld Computer & Communication Limited) DataWorld Computer & Communication Limited(ViaScope Partner) attend the InfoSecurity 2013 HK- Hong Kong "s IT conference featuring all kinds of information security related products and services, was held on May 28th 2013, in Hong Kong ...
13 Jun 2013 / Notice
Effective IP Address Management (IPAM) Shouldn't Be Overlooked
Successfully acquired over 2,200 worldwide customers of IPScan System (as of May, 5, 2013). ViaScope has constantly developed and innovated core technologies, and has endeavored to meet customer needs, as we recognize that the increasing importance of technical innovation is due in part to the globalization of markets. ...
13 Jun 2013 / Press Release
ViaScope Online Promotion Status- Keyword Searching
We registered our "ViaScope" web site and product related keywords to world-renowned search engines and directory services in March this year. Anyone would find out that the keywords "IP management" and "Network Access Control" are of much interest. Our main products, "IPScan" and "Smart IP" have been registered as keyword to world-renowned search engines ...
8 Jun 2010 / Notice
Brief news on May (ViaScope Chronology)
We plan to introduce our products of IPScan and Smart IP in Tokyo Information Security Expo (IST 2010), which will be held on 12th May in Tokyo. IST (Information Security Expo) is Japan"s largest expo featuring all kinds of information security products and services. A total of 1,416 companies from all over the world took part in 2009. ...
24 Apr 2010 / Press Release
ViaScope Inc. designated as SW Global Star Company
Pioneers Japanese market, spotlighted as a leading provider of network management solutions. IP security management solution provider, "ViaScope Inc." (CEO, Chan-woo Kim) was designated as Global Star Company for the "Discovering SW Global Upbringing Company" project joint-hosted by KOTRA(Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) and ...
21 Apr 2010 / Press Release
Release of Viascope SmartIP 1000
The New Year 2010 has begun and the new Viascope SmartIP 1000 has been released. Viascope SmartIP 1000 is the network access control solution which prevents access from an unauthorized devices automatically or protect the risk of a network fault due to an unauthorized user with integrated management policy.
4 Jan 2010 / Notice